The Next Chapter of Coin

  • $COIN™ Token
    Central to the Coin ecosystem is the $COIN™ token; a digital cryptonized asset and network access token which will enable holders to execute Coin smart contracts, stake interest, execute governance rights, and more. $COIN™ is a store of value, unit of account, a record of investment, the primary means of exchange used to pay for the execution of all smart contract code, and the form of compensation to liquidity providers/stakers in the Coin ecosystem. $COIN™ also represents a stake in the Coin protocol and is the voting currency for all proposed protocol and platform changes by the community.
  • Coin Staking Reserve
    A pool used to provide liquidity across Coin Exchange order books and a means to supply funds to compensate long-term stakers of $COIN™.
  • $COIN™ Staking Smart Contract
    The $COIN™ staking smart contract enables users to deposit and earn additional $COIN™ by locking and lending their existing holdings.
  • $COIN™ Governance Smart Contract
    Governance rights are a basic feature of Distributed Autonomous Organizations that entitle holders to influence the direction of the related products and services or basic protocol decisions.
  • Coin Exchange
    Coin Exchange is an all-in-one cross-chain P2P decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, and assistant powered by atomic swaps and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Coin Exchange includes an integrated cryptocurrency wallet for users to store popular digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 supported tokens, and more. For exchanging assets, Coin Exchange leverages atomic swap technology using Hash Time Lock contracts to handle direct peer-to-peer trustless transactions. These timed contracts mimic and replace the need for intermediaries, thus, ensuring the most secure method of transferring value, directly, between users. This makes Coin Exchange non-susceptible to hacks as users are the only custodians that can access their funds.
  • Funding to help support the execution of the $COIN™ token liquidity strategy and other company operations such as marketing, engineering, and more
  • Decentralized Liquidity Pools and Exchanges
  • Coin Exchange — Coin will offer the $COIN™ token on its own platform
  • Uniswap — Coin’s liquidity offering with TrustSwap protocol will directly result in the creation of an official Uniswap pool for $COIN™
  • Centralized Liquidity Pools and Exchanges — A portion of the funds raised from Coin’s liquidity offering with TrustSwap will be leveraged for listing on a top tier centralized exchange
  • Market Making — A portion of the funds raised from Coin’s liquidity offering with TrustSwap will be leveraged for professional third-party market-making services to ensure volume and liquidity flow evenly across all channels $COIN™ is available

Important Resources

Important Dates

  • AMA with TrustSwap: Week of 11/16
  • Public Beta — DEX: 11/16
  • Private Beta and Video Demo of Coin Exchange with AI Integration: 11/18
  • Liquidity Token Offering: 11/19
  • Uniswap Pool Creation: Offering distribution + 72 hours
  • Coin Exchange Launch MainNet: 12/21
  • Coin Staking Launch: 12/21
  • Coin Utility Upgrade: 12/21
  • Centralized Exchange Listing and Market-Making Deployment: Week of 12/21

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