Thank You and What’s Next

3 min readNov 30, 2020

We are extremely thankful for your support! It has truly been a rollercoaster of emotions starting with the lead up to our token liquidity offering and listing on Uniswap. The results of the past two weeks have been a culmination in a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears. We are grateful to have so many of you join and take part of our journey together. With this in mind, we feel this is a good opportunity to provide an update on our achievements to-date and the milestones immediately ahead.

Let’s begin by highlighting some achievements over the past two weeks:

  • Our token liquidity offering reached a hardcap of 2.4M in registrations in under 20 mins (including an average of 10 mins for KYC) during its liquidity token offering. The offering remained open for registrations for 12 hours and was oversubscribed 3x and reached 7.2M in interest.
  • Half of the funds we raised have been locked into a liquidity pool ($4M) for $COIN token holders
  • In the first 24 hours of trading on Uniswap, $COIN was the #1 trading pair with over 16M in organic trading volume. Coin was also the hottest trading pair on DEXTools.
  • The Coin community has doubled in members in our Telegram and Twitter channels. The engagement has increased significantly and continues to grow.

In the blockchain and financial industry, it is very common to experience an overwhelming interest in buying strength out of the gates. This is commonly followed by weakness as short-term traders (and trading bots) look to exit their positions for a quick flip. Despite market deterioration on a day that saw assets decrease 15–30% in value, as well as theThanksgiving holiday, $COIN achieved a high of $.60 USD; 6x times its offering price on its first day of trading.

As we continue our journey, we ask you all to keep a long-term lens about Coin and our future. We have every intent to create value and utility in the industry that would warrant a market cap of $50M, $100M, $500M, and beyond. Unless you’re a day trader, we encourage you to not focus on the daily dips or increases of the asset itself. Please remember that greatness doesn’t happen overnight. Anything of value takes time to develop. Coin has always been a long-term journey for us. Successful companies operate with diligence as if it is a marathon and not a sprint.

As always, we strive to keep our community updated with the utmost amount of transparency. Here are some immediate milestones and activities you can expect from our team at Coin in the next four weeks:

  • Listing updates on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Blockfolio
  • Weekly Telegram AMA’s with our Coin Founders
  • AMA’s with Moonwalker, Satoshi Club, EllioTrades, Boxmining, CryptoLark, TraderCobb, Coach K, and more
  • Private Beta for the Coin Exchange including integration with our AI assistant
  • Advisor Announcements
  • Partnership Announcement
  • Global Ambassador Program Launch
  • Creation of new Coin communities to expand our global reach
    - Trading
    - Korean
    - Chinese
    - Vietnamese
    - Russian
  • Staking and Governance Program Details
  • Private Coin Exchange Open Demo Live stream (Press Only)
  • Public Coin Exchange Open Demo Live stream
  • Centralized exchange listing and support market making

All of these activities will lead up to our next major milestone in late December, our release on MainNet. From there, the network will begin to incur revenue and kickoff the the $COIN buybacks and rewards for stakers and liquidity providers.

We have many exciting activities planned before the end of the 2020 calendar year and are grateful to have you along with us in our journey. Thank you again from our team at Coin. We are proud to have you as part of our family.

Important Dates

  • 11/30: Token Offering — 25% Weekly Unlock (~6.7M)
  • 12/7: Token Offering — 25% Weekly Unlock (~6.7M)
  • 12/14: Token Offering — 25% Weekly Unlock (~6.7M)
  • 12/21: Token Offering — 25% Final Unlock (~6.7M)
  • 12/21: Coin Exchange MainNet, Token Upgrade, Staking Launch, $COIN Airdrop

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