Introducing Coin Wallet V3 and Coin Swap

Coin Wallet

AI Assistant

Intent Recognition from Any Web Page
Intent Recognition from Text Input

Coin Swap

What’s Next?


  • Coin Wallet
    - Additional support and liquidity pools for popular tokens
    - Increase the neural net for the AI Assistant to handle more scenarios and use-cases
    - Voice support for the AI Assistant
  • Coin Swap
    - Additional support for Web3 wallets including Coin Wallet
    - User AMM liquidity pools
    - Yield farming
  • DeFi Tools
    We will be opening private beta testing for our DeFi tools such as analytics, batch sending, token locks, and more.


  • Marketing including influencer, digital ads, and more
  • Exchange listing and marketing making
  • Partnership announcements



DeFi made simple.

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