$COIN™ Token and Ecosystem

6 min readNov 16, 2020

Coin has a portfolio of value-added products and services that aid consumers in executing financial and investment services. The Coin ecosystem also consists of many parties including, but not limited to, token buyers, users, financial institutions, partners, token sellers, etc. all transferring value between each other. It is a network that utilizes $COIN™ as a means of support for its members and community.

$COIN™ Protocol and Token

Sending money or transferring value across the globe, in today’s world, should be simple in theory. With today’s technology, we expect transactions to be quick, secure, and mimic handing funds directly in-person. Unfortunately, this process is variably different when sending funds across the world using fiat currencies due to security validations, exchange rates, and third-party involvement from financial institutions. Take the example of an international bank wire or check deposit which can require several days before you have access to received funds and is inclusive of fees.

Cryptocurrency combats and solves this problem. With digital assets, we can remove the need for security validation and any involvement from third-parties. As a result, transactions are fast, significantly lower in fees, and extremely secure as transactions are recorded and verified on the blockchain. This potential has a tremendous impact when funds are required immediately.

Central to the Coin ecosystem is the $COIN™ token; a digital cryptonized asset and network access token that will enable holders to execute Coin smart contracts, stake interest, execute governance rights, and more. $COIN™ is a store of value, unit of account, record of investment, the primary means of exchange used to pay for the execution of all smart contract code, and for compensation to liquidity providers/stakers in the Coin ecosystem. $COIN™ also represents a stake in the Coin protocol and is the voting currency for all proposed protocol and platform changes by the community.

As the usage and adoption of the $COIN™ token increases, the token’s overall asset value appreciates in return. Amongst its business goals, Coin has a fiscal responsibility to increase $COIN™ token holder value. The company’s plan to achieve this includes:

  • Develop new products and services that utilize the $COIN™ token in accordance with Coin’s overall mission
  • Strictly manage the creation and distribution of all $COIN™ token assets available in the market
  • Drive the creation of new programs, partners, merchants, and businesses that accept $COIN™ token assets as a general payment or method of transferring value
  • Evangelize and drive the adoption of the $COIN™ token
  • Certify accredited companies that accept $COIN™ token assets

$COIN™ Token Standard

Performance, scalability, and supportability are necessary for all applications and blockchain-related use-cases. Coin has taken these factors into consideration upon developing its platform, token, and overall product roadmap. Ultimately, solidifying Ethereum as the platform of choice for its token issuance strategy. With its community’s large and extensive support, Coin and the $COIN™ protocol can ensure alignment with the latest developments and future roadmap on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum is an open-source platform that facilitates the development of next-generation decentralized applications. Smart Contracts are a way of transporting anything of value — money, shares, or data — without an intermediary. Thus, enabling additional functionality to allow protocols to self-administer and self-execute specific instructions based upon conditions pre-programmed into the contract itself.

Harnessing an already well-established standard and blockchain like Ethereum reduces operating risk and helps align $COIN™ with a token standard that is robust, secure, and high performing.

Coin Staking Reserve

The $COIN™ staking reserve is a pool that is used as a means to supply funds to compensate long-term stakers of $COIN™ as described in the preceding $COIN™ staking smart contract section. The Coin staking reserve is populated with 25% of the total circulating supply of $COIN™. Platform revenue will be used for $COIN buybacks and then deposited into the Coin staking reserve to continually fund the reserve. As funds are used to compensate stakers, buybacks will refill the reserve, creating a continuous cycle and balanced flow of funds.

$COIN™ Staking Smart Contract

The $COIN™ staking smart contract enables users to deposit and earn additional $COIN™ by locking and lending their existing holdings. Locked holdings earn interest and are returned in $COIN™ from the Coin staking reserve. The amount farmed is determined by the amount, rate of interest, and duration of the stake itself. Please note, while not planned for use at this time, this smart contract enables Coin to leverage and use these tokens for any purpose as needed. In turn, users are rewarded based upon the quantity, rate of interest, and amount of the token deposit.

$COIN™ Governance Smart Contract

Governance rights are a basic feature of Distributed Autonomous Organizations that entitle holders to influence the direction of the related products and services or basic protocol decisions. Governance rights help build community as token holders can be participants in the governance process and ensure decisions are not made solely by centralized parties or individuals.

Coin will deploy a governance smart contract that enables token holders to vote on company and community-related decisions. This can include but is not limited to, protocol upgrades, features, exchange listings, and more. Token holders will be able to deposit $COIN™ into the smart contract for the equivalent value in votes. Thus, allowing larger token holders to have a larger influence on all proposed votes. For example, 1000 deposited $COIN™ is equivalent to 1000 votes. Immediately following deposit into the smart contract, Coin Exchange will enable an option for voting within the dApp. Funds deposited into the governance smart contract are transferred into the Coin stalking reserve for use.

Coin Exchange

Coin Exchange is an all-in-one cross-chain P2P decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, and assistant powered by atomic swaps and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Coin Exchange includes an integrated cryptocurrency wallet for users to store popular digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 supported tokens, and more. For exchanging assets, Coin Exchange leverages atomic swap technology using Hash Time Lock contracts to handle direct peer-to-peer trustless transactions. By using emerging technology, these timed contracts mimic and replace the need for custodians, middlemen, and escrow agents. Thus, ensuring the most secure method of transferring value, as transactions are direct between users. This makes Coin Exchange non-susceptible to hacks as users are the only custodians that have, and can access their funds.

Coin Exchange also includes browser extension support for the Internet’s most popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari. When installed, the browser extension extends its capability by using AI technology to execute transactions faster and provide insights to help users save time and money. Similar to Grammarly’s grammar recognition, Coin Exchange includes an assistant that can recognize finance and blockchain-related keywords from any webpage. This allows Coin to provide education, pricing information, or help consumers execute financial transactions directly from any webpage with an input field. For example, users can send, receive, and exchange transactions in a guided process or simply by using text commands such as “Send $50 Bitcoin to @cryptojane”. What is currently considered a complex task that requires navigating to a company website, can now be completed in a matter of seconds while browsing the web. Dubbed the Grammarly of Crypto, Coin Exchange creates a seamless, unified experience while browsing the Internet to help bridge the gap and bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.

Coin drives activities to develop its ecosystem in an effort to encourage:

  • The adoption and use of the Coin protocol
  • Further the development of the $COIN™ protocol, token, and associated products and services

As more participants join the ecosystem, the community rapidly increases in size through network effects. As the overall ecosystem grows, transaction volumes increase and drive the buyback of $COIN™ to replenish the $COIN™ staking reserve. In turn, the demand of the $COIN™ token will appreciate organically. But most importantly, community transactions increase and become perpetual.

We now live in a digital age where it’s time to establish new protocols for transferring value across all industries and verticals. Protocols that are fast, secure, completely transparent, and borderless. Digital assets and smart contracts will inevitably help redefine old business practices and resolve use cases that are slow, expensive, lack trust, and benefit central authorities. Moving forward, Coin will drive the Coin protocol as the new protocol and default mechanism for transferring value and governing the Coin network.

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