$COIN Listing Details on Uniswap — 9 AM PST on November, 26th

3 min readNov 25, 2020


Tomorrow marks a large milestone for our company. We are extremely excited as this listing enables many of you that were interested in our offering, but were not able to access or obtain your desired allocations, the opportunity to officially join our Coin family of $COIN token holders. We expect the momentum from our offering to continue as we were oversubscribed, despite excluding countries such as the United States. A recap of the offering can be found here.

Per community vote, Coin will be listing its $COIN token on Uniswap on Thursday, 11/26th at approximately 9 AM PST. The pool will have $1M in ETH and the corresponding ratio in $COIN to set the price at $.10.

In order to prevent scam attempts and traders programming their bots, the token contract and URL will not be published in advance of the listing.

A link to the official $COIN pool on Uniswap and the token contract will be provided on our website and official social media channels below:

We will be muting our main Telegram channel tomorrow between the hours of 8 AM PST — 12 PM PST. This is to prevent the chance of scammers flooding our Telegram channel with false URLs. During this period, we will be providing frequent updates across all of our social media channels to ensure your security and provide you with the best experience possible. For any questions or help, please email coin@coindefi.org for support. Here are a few things you can do in order to ensure your security:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Uniswap. Here’s a great video to help you: https://youtu.be/dcZ7kVC2-6g?t=113
  2. Visit the Coin website at https://coindefi.org or social media channels for the exact URL to the Coin Uniswap pool
  3. Visit the Coin website at https://coindefi.org or social media channels for the exact token contract address and ensure that the URL of the pool you are interacting with has this address in it
  4. Ensure that the Coin Uniswap pool has $2M in overall liquidity (as Coin will be creating and locking the pool with funds raised in the offering that includes $1M in ETH and $1M in $COIN)
  5. Report any imposters on Telegram and other social media that DM you and provide any URLs. Our team will not DM anyone.

Any other pools are fraudulent. There will be scam attempts and the best thing you can do to protect yourself is by being prepared and diligent during this process.

We want, most of all, to protect you, our community. We will endeavor to keep you safe in any way we can. Because of this, we urge you to carefully review this information. By executing this plan we look forward to a long and prosperous journey, for all of us, together. We are so pleased to be welcoming all of you to our family at Coin and our exciting journey ahead!

For more information, please visit our website at coindefi.org.

Join our Telegram and community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below: