Coin Launches the Coin Wallet — A Browser Extension with an Integrated Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange, Wallet, and Assistant for Digital Assets

3 min readSep 24, 2021

Emerging Technology Startup Launches a Chrome Browser Extension with a P2P Decentralized Exchange and Wallet Powered by Atomic Swap and Artificial Intelligence Technology to Disrupt the Blockchain Industry

New York City, New York — Coin, a US-based FinTech startup founded by Microsoft alumni, has launched its premier product intended to disrupt cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets by providing mainstream consumers and crypto enthusiasts with the easiest and most secure way to manage their digital assets.

Coin Wallet is an all-in-one decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, and AI assistant. Coin Wallet is non-custodial, resides in a browser extension, and includes an integrated cryptocurrency wallet for users to store popular digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and more. This makes Coin Wallet non-susceptible to hacks as users are the only custodians of their funds.

Coin Wallet has a conversational experience powered by natural-language processing to help aid users in executing transactions with ease. This experience makes performing tasks faster through a natural dialog which also helps reduce the complexity and anxiety that is normally associated with performing standard cryptocurrency transactions.

For exchanging assets, Coin Wallet leverages atomic swap technology to handle direct peer-to-peer transactions across different blockchains. Other decentralized exchanges in the industry currently require a network token, wrapped tokens, or can only swap assets on the same blockchain. Coin Wallet executes swaps natively by using Hash Time Lock contracts which removes the complexity and friction of consumers having to deal with wrapped tokens or moving assets across multiple exchanges in order to swap to another blockchain.

The integrated AI assistant, scheduled for release in the Fall of 2021, transforms the traditional financial experience by highlighting and providing insights for finance-specific keywords on any web page. Additionally, the Coin AI enables the ability to execute transactions by simply typing a command in any input field. The combination of decentralized P2P technology, cross-chain interoperability, and AI integration, creates a secure and unparalleled experience to help consumers save time and money.

“By leveraging emerging technology, we are placing the power back into the hands of the people and empowering consumers to manage their wealth with an innovative experience for digital assets that is simple, secure, and personalized,” says Damon Nam, founder and CEO at Coin.

Coin aspires to disrupt current cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges by leveraging emerging technology to create the most simple, secure, and innovative experience for managing digital assets.


About Coin
Coin XYZ, Inc. develops blockchain solutions to empower the world to execute secure financial transactions with freedom and simplicity. Coin is led by a team of Microsoft veterans Damon Nam and Byron Levels with prominent advisors such as Christina Apatow, co-founder of FetchyFox, Jeremy Gardner, co-founder of Augur, and Alex Mashinsky, co-founder of Celsius Network. For more information about Coin, please visit