Coin Exchange Deployment Update — 1/30

2 min readJan 31, 2021


We are sending out this update to advise you of the current status of the deployment schedule for all remaining core functionality for V1 of the Coin Exchange.

We have onboarded a number of our new team members and integrated them into our engineering efforts. They have been working together to continue the deployment of the remaining core functionality of Coin Exchange V1 to MainNet. We have successfully completed testing of the core functions within the Coin Exchange including sending, receiving, and exchanging cross-chain between $BTC, $ETH, and $COIN. Please note that this deployment schedule does not impact the current functionality to send, receive, and upgrade $COIN.

This week, we will continue the formal review and remediation of the network with a third-party security firm before ultimately releasing to the public. Please remember that V1 is a base build that is a focused experience centered on core utility. The release will occur in accordance with the following schedule:

  • 2/1: Finalize security audits and fixes
  • 2/10: Send and receive support (cross-chain between BTC and ETH)
  • 2/17: Exchange support (cross-chain swaps between BTC and ETH)
  • 2/24: Staking support ($COIN)
  • 3/3: V2 UI update
  • 3/10: Website refresh and AI browser extension release

V2 will be polished with UI enhancements, full AI integration, browser extension support, and more. Here is a sneak peak of the UX / UI for the browser extension experience of Coin Exchange V2 (Please scroll if viewing on mobile. Please note that the desktop and mobile experience will vary.):

Full execution of our marketing will commence following the network operating as intended and meeting the expectations of our users and the subsequent launch of the Coin Exchange V2. Please note that this schedule is what we fully intend to execute upon, however; we ask that you understand that it could change due to unforeseen circumstances.

We expect 2021 to be a banner year for blockchain and crypto. We can't wait to play a leading part in the largest revolution of the financial industry. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

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