Coin Exchange Deployment Update — 3/1

  • provide the initial liquidity on the network
  • have zero platform fees (please note that there are still network fees for each chain on an exchange)
  • limit exchange amounts
  • pilot community testing

This represents a huge milestone for Coin and the industry. Cross-chain interoperability remains a huge problem across the blockchain industry with ecosystems that operate in closed silos that are independent of each other. The future cannot exist where protocols do not talk and work together. We stand firm when we say that we truly believe in a future where users have full transparency, control, and autonomy of their assets at any given time… across any blockchain or protocol across the Internet. This forges another step forward towards pure sovereign wealth management and a truly open financial system.

That said, we are on schedule per the updated timeline below.

  • 3/8: Staking support ($COIN)
  • 3/15: V2 UI update
  • 3/22: Website refresh and AI browser extension release



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