An Open Letter from our CEO

We’re have received a lot of questions regarding the upcoming token distributions and how that may impact token holder value… which are fair and valid concerns. Here are my personal thoughts around the immediate future for Coin and our $COIN token holders.

We at Coin, have a platform that we believe will transform how consumers manage their digital assets. The Coin network and business model will directly reward token holders through $COIN buybacks and more. We are very optimistic that our solution will resonate well with the next wave of consumers that will onboard into our industry. Meanwhile, rewards everyone supporting the Coin network.

Now let’s suppose that you are a short-term trader that doesn’t have long-term interests. In the short-term, we’ll be supported with marketing, MainNet, market-marking, a top-tier exchange listing, etc. All activities that generally attribute to an increase in interest and value. Any market weakness can be a great opportunity to reposition yourselves to take advantage of these events in the future.

While we encourage everyone to take a long-term view for Coin, we also understand everyone has different goals. At the end of the day, I personally have a strong interest to ensure that we all achieve our goals and win. Even if this means that your journey with Coin is a short one. We at Coin, recognize that we need to continually create value so that you can benefit regardless of where you start and end your journey with us.

Here are some immediate milestones and activities you can expect from our team at Coin in the next four weeks:

  • Listing updates on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Blockfolio
  • Weekly Telegram AMA’s with our Coin Founders
  • AMA’s with Moonwalker, Satoshi Club, EllioTrades, Boxmining, CryptoLark, TraderCobb, Coach K, and more
  • Private Beta release for the Coin Exchange including integration with our AI assistant
  • Advisor Announcements
  • Partnership Announcement
  • Global Ambassador Program Launch
  • Creation of new Coin communities to expand our global reach
    - Trading
    - Korean
    - Chinese
    - Vietnamese
    - Russian
  • Staking and Governance Program Details
  • Private Coin Exchange Open Demo Live stream (Press Only)
  • Public Coin Exchange Open Demo Live stream
  • Centralized exchange listing and support market making
  • Coin Exchange MainNet release

For more information, please visit our website at

Join our Telegram and community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:

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