An Important Coin Update — Part Two


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Airdrop Process

What Happens With Coin and $COIN?

What’s Next?

  • Publish tokenomics
  • Publish roadmap including timeline of events for the airdrop, etc.
  • Live AMA with the HODLVERSE leads
  • Rebranding Coin Wallet to the HODL Wallet and integration with the HODLVERSE
  • Live demo of both products integrated and working together
  • Damon will operate as an advisor to HODLVERSE and assist with business development activities that help onboard partners, investors, etc. as HODLVERSE executes its mission. Damon is also launching a personal NFT project separately. Coin token holders will be whitelisted for the NFT minting.
  • Byron will be moving into an Architect role and provide oversight to the development and deployment process for HODLVERSE as it executes its mission.
  • The current HODLVERSE CTO will continue operating as the CTO and become the lead across all engineering resources
  • Both teams have already begun working together including formalizing processes to become more tightly integrated and efficient
  • We have agreed and plan to make team members public as they are comfortable (some are not English speaking while others prefer anonymity for personal reasons)
  • Transition Coin assets and branding into HODLVERSE
  • Public marketing and communications on the transition to the HODLVERSE



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