An Important Coin Update — Part One

Coin gang! We’ve had quite a journey since the inception of the company. Many of you have been here from day one while others have joined recently. Regardless of the duration, we sincerely appreciate your support and trust in our team, vision, and overall mission.

We wanted to provide you with a major update on the direction of Coin. As we are all aware, we’ve exhibited challenges in our journey including release delays, creating token value, token liquidity, and having been searching for solutions to overcome this. We’ve explored multiple options while attempting to resolve the following goals:

  • Value: Creating value in the $COIN token and the overall industry

After careful consideration of multiple strategies, we believe there is a path forward that accomplishes the above. Today, we are excited to announce that we will be merging with the HODLVERSE. The HODLVERSE is a tokenized metaverse and decentralized network that helps users manage their digital assets. It consists of virtual cities and real estate properties that aid consumers in executing financial services on crypto’s most popular blockchains. From cross-chain swaps, yield farming, NFTs, and gamification, the HODLVERSE ecosystem is completely driven by decentralized technology and incorporates tokens, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (DApps) that empower anyone to execute financial transactions with freedom and ease.

For more information, please visit


Coin has negotiated a merger with HODLVERSE. We are also investing our corporate treasury to acquire tokens in a private sale from the HODLVERSE. These tokens will be distributed and airdropped to $COIN token holders based upon a snapshot on a future date. With our experience, Coin will aid in the future fundraising efforts for the company (including traditional venture capital and / or direct offering), drive business development, and focus on developing cross-chain interoperability across the HODLVERSE platform, and native wallet integration. The existing team members at HODLVERSE will continue to drive the development of the DeFi functions, gaming, and NFT integration of the platform. The merger enables the teams to collectively execute quicker integrations and expand more rapidly in this very fast-moving market.


  • Clear Branding Always Wins: The Coin branding was selected and used to align with our mission of simplicity. Our premise has always been to onboard the average consumer and there is arguably no term that is more simple or relatable to the blockchain industry than Coin. The caveat with a common term and simple branding is broader usage, discovery, SEO, defending trademarks, conflict with Coinbase’s ticker, and more. The HODLVERSE brand is not only unique, but extremely relatable to the industry, trends, and overall business objectives.

What’s Next?

  • Part Two Announcement on April 20th

We, at Coin, have always aspired to do what’s right and believe that this merger will help all of us realize our full potential to create value and liquidity for all current $COIN token holders in the shortest timeframe possible. We haven’t given up on this mission and hope that these actions and our mantra of “never give up” reinforce our intentions and long-term interests for you and the company. Please look forward to part two of this announcement on Wednesday including a live AMA on our YouTube channel.

PLEASE NOTE: The above is a lot of information to absorb at one time. We also understand that the longer the update, the less likely it is to be read. Therefore, this update is part one of two. We will be releasing part two and holding a live AMA on Wednesday, April 20th which will outline further details including the future of HODLVERSE, token airdrop details, roadmap, and more.



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