An Important Coin Update — Part One

  • Value: Creating value in the $COIN token and the overall industry
  • Liquidity: Creating liquidity for the $COIN token again
  • Timing: Returning value to $COIN token holders as quickly as possible
  • Delivery: Bolstering our engineering capability and capacity to meet our goals and timelines
  • Risk: Reducing the operating risk for the company
  • Potential: Ensuring the path forward yields the greatest opportunity for success and ROI
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  • Clear Branding Always Wins: The Coin branding was selected and used to align with our mission of simplicity. Our premise has always been to onboard the average consumer and there is arguably no term that is more simple or relatable to the blockchain industry than Coin. The caveat with a common term and simple branding is broader usage, discovery, SEO, defending trademarks, conflict with Coinbase’s ticker, and more. The HODLVERSE brand is not only unique, but extremely relatable to the industry, trends, and overall business objectives.
  • The Power of Collaboration: The team at HODLVERSE is extremely talented; however, are engineering-focused with a concentration on DeFi and gaming. The core competencies for the team at Coin are around cross-chain interoperability, decentralized wallet technology, and business development. By joining forces, it increases the company’s collective network, experience, intellectual horsepower, and overall potential for the business moving forward.
  • Aligning with Trends: Over the past two years, we’ve seen a powerful move and interest towards gaming, NFT’s, and the metaverse in the industry. While cross-chain interoperability is still a huge opportunity, combining this with these three trends expands the potential for extreme success. (Especially as it relates to interoperability for NFT’s and metaverse’s to speak and coexist together)
  • A Path for Value: A merger with HODLVERSE maximizes our potential and enables a path to rebuild liquidity and ascertain value for existing #COIN token holders in the shortest amount of time.

What’s Next?

  • Part Two Announcement on April 20th
  • Live AMA on April 20th
  • Publish tokenomics
  • Publish roadmap including timeline of events for the airdrop, etc.
  • Live AMA with the HODLVERSE leads
  • Rebranding Coin Wallet to the HODL Wallet and integration with the HODLVERSE
  • Live demo of both products integrated and working together
  • Damon will operate as an advisor to HODLVERSE and assist with business development activities that help onboard partners, investors, etc. as HODLVERSE executes its mission. Damon is also launching a personal NFT project separately. Coin token holders will be whitelisted for the NFT minting.
  • Byron will be moving into an Architect role and provide oversight to the development and deployment process for HODLVERSE as it executes its mission.
  • The current HODLVERSE CTO will continue operating as the CTO and become the lead across all engineering resources
  • Both teams have already begun working together including formalizing processes to become more tightly integrated and efficient
  • We have agreed and plan to make team members public as they are comfortable (some are not English speaking while others prefer anonymity for personal reasons)
  • Transition Coin assets and branding into HODLVERSE
  • Public marketing and communications on the transition to the HODLVERSE



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